Monday, June 29, 2015

This week went by so fast!

This week went by so fast! I can't even remember what we did! But I do remember one thing - it has been SO HOT. We've been tracting every day in 100+ degree weather and man oh man it is so blazing hot and we just sweat and if we had more liquid to spare we would probably cry. It's intense. Us white girls from Washington are really struggling haha.

Sad news - R called us on Tuesday and said that he was going to go to another church. NOOOOO!!!! So we went by the next day and we were on Exchanges so Sister B and I saw him with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. The lesson went really well and R explained that his whole family just goes to this one church and he feels like he should go with them occasionally to be supportive. But he still wants to get baptized into "our church" (his words!) and he wants to meet with us and stuff. We were very very relieved about how well that went.

But THEN the next day he called us again and said that he actually just wants to postpone everything and doesn't want to learn right now. He said he wanted to wait at least until after his online classes are done before he starts up again with the lessons. So like in 10 weeks! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. We were so upset and I'm still upset about it! Our Ward Mission Leader told us he has "a plan" so we're banking on that, although we have no idea what the plan is. We think R's family is influencing him and not wanting him to meet with us and that they're telling him what to do, which is really frustrating. Please keep him in your prayers!

The guy who punched a llama, B, just had surgery on his rotator cuff. I guess he punched the llama too hard..... just kidding, he's been long due for surgery. We saw him like 2 days after and taught him and he was definitely medicated. That was a fun lesson.

We met some really cool people this week and found quite a few new investigators, buuuuut nobody wants to get baptized! It's really discouraging. I mean this is the greatest message ever and being baptized by the Priesthood authority is pretty much the most fantastic gift/blessing you could have but I guess people just aren't seeing that right now.

This Saturday is the 4th of July and we have NOTHING planned. I have a feeling it's going to be a really long day. Holidays on the mission are so weird because you still have to go out and work, but literally no one wants to talk to you! They're too busy barbequing :P Mmm that sounds so good right now. Oh Sister V is kind of a vegetarian so I probably won't be getting much red meat for the next couple of transfers! Definitely not going to have llama again. Sad life.

One of our new investigators apparently has a crush on my companion....he randomly texted us yesterday while we were at church and said "V is cute." I about died. I think we might have to pass him off to the Elders....

I can't think of anything else that happened. Oh shout out to my momma - today is her birthday! Woohoo! She's two years older than she was when I left. How strange.

Have a great last couple days of June, be good, and remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Koenig

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