Monday, July 6, 2015

"You're pretty good at rapping for a white girl." - White Guy

I never know how to start these. This week marks 15 months since I entered the MTC, so that's weird. And I've accepted the fact that I'm probably going to die in Uncompahgre. Not literally - just mission-wise. Don't worry. Although I think sometimes Sister V literally thinks we could die out here. But that's only when I take her out to Peach Valley. Which I did a lot this week. Sorry Sister V!!!

We met a lot of weird/cool/crazy people this week. But my mission brain has been pretty bad lately so I can't really remember anything. Oh we met an old retired pastor yesterday. We knocked on his door, told him our names, and asked what his name was. He said "I'm Reverend R W----" and all I could think was "Oh no." However, it ended up being a VERY pleasant experience! He was the nicest pastor I've talked to my entire mission. Apparently he had a coworker at a school who was a Bishop in our church, and they had a LOT of conversations, which I think made him like Mormons. Shout out to Bishop Bishop (that's his name), whoever and wherever you are, for making our lives easier.

We had Exchanges on Thursday and Sister B and I were together again in Uncompahgre. That night our last appt fell through and we didn't know what to do so we decided to try a less-active in the ward directory. We tried this one lady and it turns out she has a non-member son and husband. We started teaching her outside when suddenly this teenage boy showed up and said "Is that your car? You're taking up both spots." Whoops. We had to awkwardly pause the lesson and I moved the car. In the process, an active member from the ward came up to me and suddenly I remembered what S had told me when I first got into the area - he lives right next door to his inactive daughter and her kids (who we were teaching). I don't know why I can't remember anything. Anyway, then he invited us all into his house and we taught his adult daughter and her 11-year-old son and another sort of "adopted" son who is 18. We invited the sons to be baptized and they both said yes! I am really excited to see them again this week.

The Fourth of July was weird. We didn't know who to see and everyone was either not home or they didn't want to listen. We did get to see one of our new investigators, P. He solidly committed to go to church and we had his ride set up and everything, but he didn't show :( The member who was going to drive him said he knocked on the door for a good 5 minutes before giving up. Sad life. Anyway, that night we saw an inactive couple and that was really nice. They made us cupcakes today and they're feeding us dinner on Friday! And another inactive lady asked if she could take us out to lunch tomorrow! We're getting spoiled.

Saturday evening when we came home, our AC was totally and completely NOT WORKING. It was blowing warm air out even though it was set to 68. It wsa at least 87 degrees in our room but probably way hotter. I thought I was going to die. I tried turning it off and back on, I turned off the breaker to the furnace for a bit, I did EVERYTHING I COULD THINK OF and nothing worked. Finally around midnight I gave up and turned it all off and opened a couple windows to hopefully at least get a little breeze. I did not sleep well at all. But then the next morning it worked!!! I have no idea what the problem was.

Yesterday we had a lot of things that we had to do to hit standards for the week. We had to teach 7 lessons, do 10 surveys, and put two more people on date for baptism. I kind of thought there was no way, but I was SO DETERMINED.

Then came the trials and the test of my faith: After church Sister V had a horrible headache from fasting so she ate and laid down for a bit. Then I really thought there was no way. But once she was feeling better we persevered (somewhat frantically), and WE DID IT. Man I have no idea how, but we did it. The Lord blessed us soooo much, and did so right at the last second to keep us on our toes haha. We had a lesson with members at 8 and we only had from 6-8 to do everything we needed to. At 7:30, our last ditch effort, this HUGE storm rolled in and it was pouring. I cannot even explain to you how hard the rain was coming down. The clouds looked tornado-y. It was intense. After the initial crazy wave of rain (it was seriously more like a tsunami washing over us) when it was safe to drive I went to this random road that I've never even seen before. We ran in the rain from house to house tracting. It was so fun. Sister V said "Good thing I brought my umbrella today!" and I said "NO UMBRELLAS!!! The people need to pity us if they're ever going to let us in!!!!" Just so you know - it totally worked. She might have hated me for a minute, buuuuut in the end she realized it was a brilliant idea. :)

Yeah that was our week and I'm really tired now so we're probably going to go shopping and then nap. Hallelujah.

Sister Koenig

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