Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm having a baby girl!

I'm staying in good ol' Uncompahgre and training a new missionary! Woohoo!! My first daughter :) I won't find out who she is or anything until transfer meeting tomorrow, but I'm really excited. There are 8 Sisters coming to our mission this transfer, and only 3 Elders! That's very very very unusual but much needed. We've been running low on estrogen out here and it's problematic.

I'm super bummed that Sister Patera left me (she's going to read this now so I can't say anything mean about her....just kidding Sister PAT), but I'm excited for the miracles and fun times to be had in the upcoming transfers.

This week was great. We saw R and his mom S on Tuesday and they are on date to be baptized in July!!! They totally remember me and think it's the most clear sign from Heavenly Father that this is where they need to be, and this is the path they need to be taking. Sooooo cool. We taught them about the Restoration and they loved everything we taught and the Spirit was really strong. Then a couple days later we taught more about the Book of Mormon and they ate it right up! R has already been devouring the Doctrine and Covenants (apparently someone gave him all the Standard Works at church, along with a Gospel Principles book that he's been reading!!!) and now he's even more excited to read the Book of Mormon. And he came to church again on Sunday. AMAZING.

We also started teaching this former investigator in the Delta Ward named A. Sister Patera taught her a few months back, but then she started having some hard times with family and basically disappeared off the face of the earth. Sister P could never reach her, so they dropped her. Last week the Elders were tracting her street and she said "Where's my Sisters?! Send me my Sistahhhs!!!" So we're teaching her again haha.

She told us that she would come to church and wanted us to call her Sunday morning at 7:30 to remind her. We called and all she said was "HEY!! I'M UP AND WE'RE GETTIN READY!!!!" and then we said "OK! See you soon, bye!" We went to Delta Ward which we aren't really supposed to, but we had an investigator coming and it was Sister Patera's last Sunday and she's served there for 6 months. Soooo we went. We waited and waited for A....and she didn't show. We even had a member save a row for A and her kids and we put our bags in the pew and waited in the foyer and she never came!!! We were so bummed, and then it was really awkward because we didn't know what to do. At that point church had been going for about 20 minutes and we didn't want to interrupt the service by grabbing our bags, but we also didn't want to sit in the foyer the entire 70 minutes. We kept praying that A would show and she didn't! :( The Bishop had even asked Sister Patera to bear her testimony at the end of Sacrament meeting but she texted him about halfway through and said "Our investigator isn't here so we'll probably leave. Sorry." Oh and we were really sad because the sacrament meeting was PERFECT for A - it addressed all of her concerns and talked about family so much and it was just perfect. We kept thinking "AHHH you need to hear this!!!!!!!" It was really frustrating.

Then after it was over we ran into the chapel to grab our bags and book it out of there. It was a little embarrassing because we had told all these members that we we had someone coming, and she didn't come... BUT THEN, this member came up to me and said "Oh your investigator said she was so sorry she missed you but she had to leave." We were like "WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?" Apparently she had been there THE WHOLE TIME sitting in the back with a member who Sister Patera brought to some lessons months ago. She had to leave right when it was over to bring her kids to her mom's house. We were so bummed that we didn't see her and we felt like the biggest idiots, but she was there!!!!!!! That was a miracle. A very weird and emotional rollercoaster-y miracle, but a good one.

Yesterday Sister Patera drove to Denver right after sacrament meeting and I hung out with S, a member my age in the Ward who comes out with us all the time. We were going to see this less-active and were walking up to her house when I got distracted by a bug that was flying around my feet. I was watching it, and walking, when all of a sudden there was this huge "DING" and a shooting pain in my forehead. Well, I'm an idiot and wasn't watching where I was going, and I totally walked into this huge metal bell and wowzaa it hurt. I still have a mark on my forehead. Embarrassing.

Then last night S and her family brought me to Montrose to stay with the Spanish Sisters. They are sooo great and I love them! We went on a Coldstone date today and we're making dinner tonight. Good times.

Transfer meeting is tomorrow afternoon in Junction and the greenie and I are going to get to work! Please pray for us to have a good first week. :)

I love you all!
Sister Koenig

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