Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!

C got baptized on Saturday!!!!!!! It was the most incredible experience ever. Our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Christensen, is his bestie for life and they're so funny together. He made the whole thing happen, honestly. I really want there to be a Mormon message about them, or at least an Ensign article. It would be so inspirational. So, for now I'll just give a shout-out to Brother Christensen, in Pea Green CO, for being the best member missionary and FRIEND ever.

Because C is a paraplegic, there were of course a few complications that needed to be worked out. They decided that they would put him on a shower chair for old people and carry him into the font. Brother Christensen baptized him, and J (another awesome member who always drives C to church) was also in the font to help. When they dunked him the first time, it didn't go super well and his foot stuck out of the water... :( So they had to baptize him again. He was such a good sport (like he is with everything) and everyone was all worried for him but C was just making jokes about it. Once he was baptized they carried him out of the font and took him into the bathroom where Brother Christensen had this whole setup, including a bed to change C on. Wowza. It took like a good 20 minutes, so in the meantime we played Finding Faith in Christ. It was the perfect movie for the occasion. Near the end C came in and then it showed all these amazing miracles that Christ performed and everyone was crying. All of the talks and everything was centered on eternal families, and on the resurrection. C even shed a couple tears when our Bishop was talking about the Christ-like love Brother Christensen has for him. He said that watching Brother Christensen in the font was the closest thing he had ever seen to watching the Savior help someone. The Spirit was so strong.

Then C was confirmed on Sunday and again it was an amazing blessing and there was an amazing Spirit in the chapel. I got to speak yesterday and I talked all about the Atonement and the Savior's love for us and how His Atonement enables us to share the gospel fearlessly. Then this girl Keanna who leaves for her mission in 9 days to Texas spoke all about following Lord's plan for our lives. It was great.

Besides the baptism, this week was a little crazy. We came home on Friday and our water pressure was really weak, and then our kitchen sink started spraying from the handle and leaking like crazy. We turned the hot water off which helped a bit but it was still leaking and the water pressure was weird. Finally after like three hours (and lots of soaking towels) there was a weird noise in the pipes. We tried the other sinks in the house and they worked perfectly. Apparently there was a pipe in the park next to our house that broke and started flooding everywhere and it messed up everyone's water on our block. Unfortunately for us, it also broke the already weak seal on our kitchen faucet......So I had to go under the sink, digging through about 5000 grocery bags, to figure out how to turn off the dang water. Finally I got it. I told Sister Patera that I should have paid more attention when my dad showed me how to do that....but hey, in the end it all worked out! Our water to the sink is still off. Hopefully our landlord arranges for a guy to come fix it soon...

I can't remember anything else that happened but it was just crazy.

Tomorrow we have this big specialized training in Junction and they're going to install these horrible black boxes in our car that will monitor our driving. Eek! If we brake too hard, or speed, or do ANYTHING WRONG, it will report us to the Mission Office and ultimately we can get our driving privileges revoked. So instead of getting Ipads, we get this. Cool.

It's pretty here

Our mission's water fast ended June 1st, so we've been drinking plenty of non-H2O liquid already today. We're about to go get some Diet Coke and I am practically shaking with excitement.

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week. Letters are always appreciated :)


Sister Koenig

P.S. The llama was DELICIOUS. I seriously would have eaten it again, any day. Yum yum yum. It tasted kind of like lamb in a gyro. Mmmmmm :) We brought some to Sister Patera's PT appointment on Thursday and it was a huge hit. Everyone ate a piece haha.

Mmmmmm... llama!

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