Monday, June 8, 2015


On Tuesday morning we drove to Grand Junction for a meeting with a bunch of missionaries out West. It was a really good meeting and the Spirit was so strong and wonderful. Except for one part.....the installation of the BLACK BOX. I hate it. It's this horrible little device that is stuck to our front window and is plugged in under the steering wheel. It keeps track of everything we do and it talks to us when we do something wrong. If it talks to us too much, we could get our driving privileges revoked.....scary!

This man came from Salt Lake who is in charge of the cars for the church. He's the " Mission Fleet Coordinator" fancy. He did this whole powerpoint demonstration to teach us about the black boxes and stuff. Anyway, it keeps talking to Sister Patera and me. We've had to go on a few really long drives this week for Doctors appointments and the roads we take are in the middle of NOWHERE and everyone goes like 80 even though the speed limit is 60 and we accidentally speed a little....but then it says "CHECK YOUR SPEED" and we freak out and slam on the brakes. Then we freak out even more because it also can get mad at you if you slam on the brakes too hard, so we panic a little bit. So safe! Also it told Sister Patera that she was an "aggressive driver" when she pulled out of our driveway because we have to go over this big curb haha. Whoops.

There was a lot of drama and confusion with Sister Patera's medical treatment this week. We thought she was supposed to get an xray on Tuesday, but she actually got a CT scan on Thursday. I'm not going to go too much into the drama of that, but it was really intense. On Thursday afternoon the spinal surgeon read her CT scan and said that the only problem is that bulged disc and he doesn't know why it hasn't gotten better. He suggested that she do cardiovascular exercise, but not running or jumping. And as a missionary she can't swim, so....WE GOT BIKES!!!! Remember last year when I was on a bike? Haha that ended well. Don't worry, we wear helmets and don't go down any big hills so it's all good!

Sister Patera officially decided that she's going home at the end of this transfer, so I'll be getting a new companion next Tuesday. I'm glad that she's going to be able to go home and get better, but I'm kinda bummed because she's awesome and we've had a lot of fun together these past couple months doing nothing! Really though she's an amazing missionary and person and such a trooper. I wouldn't have lasted nearly this long. She will be missed :/

On Thursday we got a call from the Spanish Elders and they said they had a referral for us for this man and his mom. They just moved to Olathe from Denver and the man, R, really wants to learn more about the church. They set up a time for a church tour on Saturday and told us to call him. Well we called him Saturday morning and unfortunately they weren't able to meet that afternoon, but R came to church on Sunday!!! A member picked him up and they were a few minutes late, but when he walked in he looked SO FAMILIAR. The whole time in sacrament meeting I was staring at him and trying to figure out how I know him. I leaned over to Sister Patera and said "I think I taught him in Denver last year. I remember a man that we met who was walking his dog and we taught him about the Restoration and then set up a time to see him. Every time we went by his mom answered and said he was busy with his online classes." Sure enough, after church we introduce ourselves and I asked where he moved from. He said "I just came from Lakewood" and I said "Yeah I think I met you last year..." and he said "Yeah, you and your friend Sister O, I remember that." SO WEIRD.
We're seeing him tomorrow and it just gets even weirder - LAST YEAR when I met him, he kept looking at me weirdly and kept saying that he thought he had met me before. I said "I really don't think so..." and he said "Yeah, you helped me move into my house a year ago." and I said "No that wasn't me, I wasn't here a year ago" and he said "Oh I guess you just look exactly like this other girl." So that was all A YEAR AGO. Well, now he just moved into his house here in Olathe and WE MIGHT BE HELPING HIM MOVE IN THIS WEEK. A year AFTER I met him. How freaky, right?! It's so weird. But he loved church, and plans on coming again next week! We'll invite him to be baptized tomorrow when we see him. So strange.

Well we have to go to Physical Therapy now. Thank you all for your support and encouragement! It means so much to me!!!

Sister Koenig

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