Monday, June 16, 2014

God is Our Loving Heavenly Father

Hello everyone! It has been another week of miracles and answered prayers. Lately I've really been trying to recognize the Spirit more, and this past week I really really did. It was fantastic. Heavenly Father truly is there and He cares about me and about each of you!! Yesterday was Father's Day, as you all probably know, and it just hit me so hard that our Heavenly Father is there, and He loves us, and He is our FATHER! Isn't that amazing? Everyone should watch the Mormon Message "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father." It's a good one. I'll even include it because I am nice. Here you go: Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

So totally changing the subject, apparently I say the word "both" incorrectly. Say it out loud, right now. Did you say it with an "l?" Because I do. Like "bolth." I never realized that I did this, and then my lovely companion brought it to my attention and now I am self-conscious. Haha ok not really, but it has definitely become a running joke and anytime ANYONE says that word now, we crack up. It's kind of a problem sometimes....whoops. Bolth of us laugh ;P See what I did there? Yeah we're weird. This is what happens when you have no electronics or any form of "normalcy" in your life. Just in case you were wondering.

Despite all the laughing and ridiculousness, we actually do get some work done! And boy did we work hard this week. We are supposed to do an hour of "finding" every day, and we have definitely exceeded that. We don't have that many people to teach at the moment because everyone that we teach for a while then stops wanting to see's really sad. That's why finding new investigators is so important, because if we didn't do that, we'd probably have like 5 people to teach haha. But this week alone we found 8 new investigators! And most of them we found through knocking on doors and just talking to everyone we see. It's the best.

We actually had a really awesome experience yesterday. In church, in our Sunday School class, the teacher told us an experience he had on his mission. One time he and his companion wanted to know where they should tract the next day, so they decided they would each pray about it and come up with 5 street names, and then compare their lists and then pray again and pick one. So they did that, and they both came up with this one name. So they pulled out their map of the area and looked for the name, but it wasn't on the map! They were really confused because they knew that they both received the same answer, and then they remember that they had another map that showed just a tiny bit more of the area. They pulled that one out, and sure enough the street was there, about an inch off of the page of the first map! They went the next day and tracted that street and had so much success.

Sister O and I decided to do that yesterday. We pulled the car over and we each prayed about where we should go. I was desperate for an answer, because I really did want to go where the Lord wanted me to go, but I don't know the street names very well here. I had just been reading the night before in the Book of Mormon, in Mormon chapter 9, and it talks all about God and how He does still perform miracles. Verse 20 says "And the reason why he ceaseth to do miracles among the children of men is because that they dwindle in unbelief, and depart from the right way, and know not the God in whom they should trust." but verse 21 says "Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth." and the end of verse 15 says "God has not ceased to be a God of miracles." Those verses really hit me as I was saying this prayer to ask where we should tract, and I really KNEW that God is a God of miracles. I said to Him "I don't know who needs to see us, and I don't know and street names, but you do. And I know that you can tell me where to go." As I was saying that, a street name flashed in my mind. At first I was a little hesitant, but I did know that that was a street name in our area that I had seen before, and I kind of asked God if that was where I should suggest and again I saw the name flash in my mind. I finished my prayer and looked up, and Sister O was done praying. She said, "So where do you think we should go?" and I got all nervous for some reason but then I said "Umm....." and then I told her the name of the street and she FLIPPED OUT. She was like "Oh my GOSH that is SO WEIRD OH MY GOSH." hahaha it was great. I was like "Soooo is that what you thought????" and she said "When I was praying, S and J (a less-active man and his recently baptized daughter) kept coming back to my mind and I couldn't shake it. And they live on that street. Oh my GOSH. This is soooo weird!!!!!!" haha we had a moment of freaking out a little bit because it was just so cool and it really strengthened my testimony that God does hear and answer prayers! So we went there and we saw them and taught a great lesson and it was just really good. We are definitely going to try that again.

This week we also started seeing this family from the ward. The mom is a member, but her husband is not, and she has a 7 year old daughter preparing to be baptized and a 3 year old son. THEY ARE THE CUTEST. The mom wanted us to start coming by to teach the 7 year old and get her excited about being baptized. So we went and we taught about prayer, and they are seriously the cutest kids ever! The little girl is so beautiful and so smart and so sweet and I just love her. And the little boy is such a riot. He is so funny. I'm so excited to see them again this week :) I LOVE teaching families with kids, it's the best! But there just are not very many young families in this area, and hardly any in our ward. The Primary kids sang for Father's Day yesterday, and there were MAYBE 10 kids. And there are like 3's sad! Sister O and I are desperately praying to find a family who is ready to hear our message. God has prepared people, and now we just have to find them. It's exciting!

One last cool experience and then I'll finish up, because this is getting long...sorry :P

On Friday evening we were going to go tracting (of course haha). Sister O told me to pick which street to tract. As we were driving down the street, I was looking at street names and trying to pick one. We passed one that had a bunch of cars and that usually means people are home. I was going to say that one, but then I didn't, and we drove a few more blocks and I picked a street. Sister O said "Hmm, there's not very many cars, I don't know." Then I said "There were a bunch of cars on that other street, we could try there instead." So we had to backtrack and go there. We parked, and there really were quite a lot of cars - too many. We realized at that moment that it was Friday night, and probably a bunch of people were having parties. That's not the best time to go knocking on people's we decided to see one of our investigators instead. We went to our house, and she said she wasn't interested anymore. Sad day. Then we crossed the street and decided to try a less-active family who I have never met before. We knocked and waited a minute, buuuuuuut nobody was home. We were feeling kind of crummy at this point and didn't have a plan for what to do next as we were walking back to our car. Then, this guy in a wheelchair scooter thing came up to us and said hi, and told us he used to be Mormon! So we talked to him for a minute and found out that he was moving to Florida in just a few days. We asked if he needed help, and he said "Let me ask my wife" and he wheeled away and we followed him. He lived just a couple houses down, and his wife was there in the front yard sorting boxes. We helped her and talked with her and she was SO NICE!!!! She told us that her dad had been a minister in their church for years and years and years. Then the dad came out, and he was this cute, sweet old 84-year-old man. Oh my gosh he was adorable. He kept talking about Jesus and how much he loved him, and kept quoting all these great scriptures, and it was so great. They have soooo much faith! It's incredible. We helped them as long as we could but we eventually had an appointment we needed to go to. We asked if we could help them the next day and they said they would be up working around 6 am. So the next morning we got up at 6:30 and went over there! We got to sort through all sorts of stuff and help pack and load up the moving van and talk with them more. The woman's dad kept singing us all these songs and hymns he had written over the years. One of them said "You're good-looking when you're looking to the Lord!" haha it was cute. At one point he said "I'm good for nothing..." and looked all sad and we were like "oh my gosh you are not!!!!" and then he perked up and said "Nobody pays me to be good! Haha!!!" it was SO CUTE ahhhh I can't handle it. We helped them for like 3 hours and it was the best. It's those kinds of things that make missionary work THE BEST.

I love you all, and I love being a missionary and doing God's work!! There is nothing else I would rather be doing with my life. And I am so grateful to have a wonderful Father in Heaven who leads me and guides me every step of the way in His work.


Sister Koenig

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