Monday, June 23, 2014

2 months in Colorado!

On Saturday I hit my 2 month mark of being in the field! Sooooo exciting! Some days it feels like I've been here way longer, but most days it feels like I've only been here for a week. Next thing I know, my mission will be over. Weird weird weird.

This was quite an exciting week. We are using this new method instead of normal tracting. It is called the "Survey Approach" and we go around with a clipboard and a survey with 10 questions and ask people if they would be so kind as to help us out. The goal is once you've finished the survey, you're supposed to transition into a lesson. I love it. We taught 12 lessons in two days because of that thing! It's amazing! And we found a lot of new investigators.

Thursday we went to a huge meeting. More than 1/3 of our mission was there! The Director of Proselyting for THE WORLD was there with this other higher-up guy from Salt Lake, and they basically taught us how to be better missionaries. It was really cool. You'd think that they'd tell us specific things to say, and how to teach, but the main thing they told us is to simplify. They said we need to teach with simple, pure doctrine, and that's how the Spirit can teach people the best. It was so helpful. However, the meeting lasted for 8 hours, and we were so drained afterward! And it took a huge chunk out of our day.

Ooh and, exciting news, we moved!!!!! Someone called us Friday night and just said "So Sisters are you moving in tonight or tomorrow?" and we were like "WHAT?!?!" We moved in on Saturday :) It was quite the project. We had to pack all of our stuff, move it all down the road to the new place, and unpack everything all in one day. We were exhausted! But we love the new place. It is glorious. And it is in a basement so we will stay nice and cool during the hot summer! The members here are so good to us. (If you want the new address, message me or Alannah on Facebook.)

On Sunday we had to teach the Sunday School class and I think it went ok. It's weird how we teach people all day and that's no problem, but then the thought of teaching a class at church made us nervous haha. I love teaching though. I never thought I would, and actually in the MTC the thought of teaching made me cry, but ever since the first lesson I taught out here in the field I have LOVED it. It's the best.

Last night we had dinner with one of my favorite members in our ward. She is the sweetest, funniest little thing. She always says "Okayyyyy" and "whatever girls, whatever!" It's adorable. And she cooks the best food! Last time we had ham and potatoes and bread and green beans and it was like a full Thanksgiving meal! Yesterday it was even more! We had lobster (my first time ever having was weird. I don't know how I feel about it.), shrimp kebabs with mushrooms and tomatoes, fish fillets, salad, jello salad, garlic bread, fancy rice, and something else....and then she gave us cookies and ice cream for dessert! I don't think I have ever been so full! But it was delicious. And she is such a crackup.

I'm running out of time but I love you all! And I miss you! Have a great week :)


Sister Koenig

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