Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 5!!!

I don't have much time today, and we had a pretty slow week anyway, so this will be short. Sorry! Next week will be better!

We had a really funny miracle on Wednesday. We went to see one of our investigators but she couldn't meet with us, and we set up a time that we could come back. When we were leaving her apartment, which is on the second story, we saw these two terrifying dogs walking around on the ground near our car. We didn't want to go down the stairs because the dogs were loose and they were so scary! We tried to come up with a plan to bolt to the car but we didn't really know what to do. Then I saw that one of our potential investigators, who lives on the ground floor of the apartments that we were at, was home. I thought we might as well talk to her while the dogs were surrounding our car, so we went down the stairs and knocked on her door. She was talking with us when the dogs starting coming toward us and Sister O got really scared and frantically said "Sorry can we come inside?!" as she was already jumping inside this girl's house! The girl said "Yes, hurry!" and we closed the door so the dogs couldn't get us. Then we proceeded to teach her an awesome lesson on the Restoration, and it went so well, and the Spirit was so strong. It was perfect! I don't think she would have let us inside if those dogs hadn't been there. By the time we were done with the lesson, the dogs were nowhere to be found and we made it out to the car safely. As scary as they were, I know those dogs were sent by God! We wouldn't have taught this girl otherwise, and now she and her whole family are open to being taught. Heavenly Father works in the strangest ways sometimes. I love it.

We also had a tornado on Saturday. I nearly died. Just kidding, it didn't even touch down....but it was still scary!!!! The weather is crazy here.

Seriously - It was scary!!!

Yeah that is about all I have time for haha. But I love you all! Stay awesome! Look for missionary opportunities!

The church is true!

Sister Koenig

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