Monday, May 12, 2014

A Week of Miracles!!!

Hello everyone!

This week was great. God is really blessing us, and the work is hastening! It gets hard sometimes but remembering all the miracles and wonderful things helps us to keep going.

On Tuesday we taught this man in our ward who is really old. He's active, but we practice the lessons on him and he loves it and we love it. He pretends to be an investigator and it's the cutest thing ever. We asked him at the beginning before the lesson if he was going to be himself or if he was going to be an investigator and he said "We'll just have to wait and see!" and then as we were teaching, we asked him "What does faith mean to you?" and he said "Well.....*whispers* I'm the means - " hahaha it was so cute.

That night we weren't really sure what we should do because what we had planned had fallen through. The whole time I've been here there has been this investigator that we have tried to see, but for some reason Sister O didn't have an address for her. Sister O and her last companion had found her and had seen her a couple times, but apparently her last companion was the one who knew where she lived and Sis O had no idea. Every day I have felt like we should see her, but we couldn't because we didn't know where she lived! So we decided that with our time we would find out where she lived. I said a prayer and asked for the Spirit to guide us to her house. Sister O knew what the house looked like, but had no idea where it was. After the prayer we just started driving around and as we were driving Sister O got all nervous and said "I'm letting my fear conquer my faith!" And I said "What are you afraid of?" And she said "Not having enough faith!!!!" Hahahaha it was funny. We drove for like 10 or 20 minutes, and then WE FOUND THE HOUSE! It was amazing. The Lord really does answer prayers! However....she wasn't home right then. But at least now we know where she lives!

In the car :)

On Wednesday we got to go to the temple! Now I've done sessions in 3 temples! I love to see the temple :D We had to get up at 4:30 am though. That was not so fun. We were so tired but I still loved it.

Denver Colorado Temple with Sister O

Wednesday night we had Exchanges so the Denver 1st ward sisters came to our house and one of them, Sister M, stayed with me and my companion Sister O and Sister M's companion went back to the Denver 1st area. Sister M is awesome and I love her. We planned for the next day, and I was really nervous because I had to take charge and plan everything because I know the area and the people, but usually Sister O does the planning and I just go along with it! AH! But I managed it and it wasn't too bad :) Then we went to bed and got up at like 5:50 the next morning so that we could run around our lake. As we were walking back home we passed this bakery, The Taste of Denmark, which Sister O and I pass every day. It looks super sketchy so we've never gone there, but it always smells really good at 6am. Sister M apparently heard of it before and said it was amazing so she asked if we could get our money from our place and come back and get breakfast and of course I said yes haha. And IT WAS AMAZING. There were so many options....and they all looked so heavenly..... I had the best cinnamon roll of my life. Apparently this is like the second best bakery in the world, and the first best is in Denmark. Who woulda thought that would be right here in little Lakewood?

Anyway, we did our daily studying in the morning and then we went to do service at the Jeffco Action Center for 2 hours. I had a blast! We stacked bread haha. Then we were supposed to go tracting but I didn't really want to because I was I asked if we could see this other new investigator V who we tracted into one time and briefly taught her about the Restoration and set up a return appointment, but when we came back she was in the shower. So I wanted to try her again, because she lived right next to the lady who we were going to see in the next hour. We went to her apartment and she didn't answer. I was really bummed because I knew that meant we were going to have to knock some doors haha. I normally love knocking doors, but I was so nervous because I've never done the whole door approach on my own before because Sister O always jumps in and does it for me! And I didn't want to look like an idiot in front of Sister M. But I toughened up and we knocked the rest of V's apartments. And we had SO MUCH SUCCESS!!!!!! It was incredible. Everyone we talked to took a pamphlet and was interested and set up a return appointment with us! And I wasn't nervous at all and I did a great job! I love tracting. 

Then we saw a man on the balcony right by V's door and we went to track him down and teach him, but by the time we got up there he was gone. However, V's door was open, and she was home and she invited us in and we taught her! It was a great lesson. We gave her a Spanish Book of Mormon and she said she would read it! She is 17 and she is Hispanic. We were asking her questions when we were teaching her and she gave short answers, and then apologized and said she was giving short answers because she's not as comfortable talking in English. Sister M is a Spanish speaking missionary and I thought she would start teaching her in Spanish, but she didn't. I think she didn't want me to feel like I had no idea what was happening haha. Then at the end as we were leaving, we saw V's mom and Sister M asked her if she would be interested in having the missionaries over and her mom said she didn't know English. Then Sister M whipped out her Spanish and started speaking in fluent Spanish to her and asked the question again and V and her mom were totally shocked that this blond white girl was speaking fluent Spanish haha.

Later that night we went to try to see the lady whose house we miraculously found on Tuesday. As we were getting out of the car, this lady pulled up and she lived in the same duplex that the investigator lives in, but the other side. We ran up to her and asked if we could give her a pamphlet, and she said sure, and we taught her a half hour lesson on her front porch! It was great. The original investigator wasn't home, but I know we were supposed to go to her house at that exact time so that we could teach her neighbor. It was very cool.
Then we had an hour to kill before our 8 o clock member appointment because our 7 o clock appointment fell through. Sister M asked if we could tract these apartments she had seen earlier, which were right across the street from the member's house, so we did, and again we had so much success! Everyone was so nice and interested and we set up like 5 return appointments. Then I called the member to see if we could come a little early because it was cold and because we had to leave their lesson early, and the member said she was actually just about to call us and cancel. I was bummed because I was really ready to be done tracting, and I wanted to go inside a warm house....But we had to keep going. Which ended up being a miracle because just 5 minutes later we were walking in those same apartments and we were headed to our car and we saw this lady walking toward her house and we chased her down. She invited us in and we taught her and she was soooo nice! I love her!

The weather changed this weekend - snow! 

Anyway, I have to go now but I love you all!
Sister Koenig

ALSO - Please do not send mail directly to the mission home address.  It is supposed to get forwarded to me, but people are finding it just gets returned to them after a couple of weeks - the forwarding isn't working.  If you want my address, just message me on Facebook or contact Alannah Mitchell.  I love mail! 

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