Monday, April 27, 2015

"I punched a llama today."

Happy Monday everyone!

This was another interesting week. Again I stayed inside in Uncompahgre with Sister Patera for the week. Let me tell ya, there are only so many church movies to watch. But we're making it work. A member hooked us up with all the Living Scripture Prophet movies yesterday so at least we have something new to watch now.

On Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday we went to the GOOD physical therapist who is a member. He helped a bunch. She's still in a lot of pain, but while she's there she at least feels some relief! And Sister Patera is getting an MRI on Wednesday so that we know what the real problem is. And we'll be seeing the PT like 4 times this week as well.

This man, B, got baptized on Saturday! It was a great baptism. When the person baptizing him started to put him under the water, his instincts kicked in and he freaked out and grabbed the sides of the font. It was hilarious. But the person baptizing him persisted and basically shoved him under the water and held him there for like 25 seconds and had to grab him arm and push it under the water to make sure the baptism was valid. It was probably one of my favorite baptisms I've been to haha. And I got to play the piano, which was interesting. I can play a handful of hymns, but not that many, which ended up being a slight problem.... The baptism was supposed to start at 11 and B was told to come at 10:30. I started playing some prelude music at about 10:50, and at that point he still hadn't showed. I kept playing and playing and started to struggle through some songs that I don't know as well because I ran out of options because HE WASN'T SHOWING UP. No one could reach him, and people were starting to freak out. And I just kept playing haha. FINALLY he showed up at about 11:20 with his wife and daughter (who are both members), and no explanation as to why they were late. Then everyone could breathe again, and the baptism went on. Hooray! He'll get confirmed on May 3rd because yesterday was Stake Conference.

Last Tuesday we saw B to teach him the final couple of things in preparation for the baptism. When we got there, he told us that he punched his llama that day, and punched it so hard that they had to kill it! They were trying to move their llamas to a pen and B had never moved the llamas before. The one he had started to freak out and get upset and was waving it's neck around. Apparently they're VERY STRONG and can cause a lot of damage with those thing! So B's wife, who is a pro with llamas, told him to "Hit it hard!" She meant for him to smack it because that kind of shocks them, but he full on PUNCHED IT IN THE FACE. And he was a Marine, so he's a tough cookie. He punched the llama so hard that he broke it's septum and it couldn't breathe right, and they had to shoot it. Now they're going to eat it. Apparently llama is a delicacy, and the meat sells for like $35/pound. We told him to invite us over when he eats it haha. Gross.

There is another part-member family who we started to teach yesterday. Sister Y's mom passed away last week and I think it kind of woke them up and gave them a desire to start living the gospel more fully. Brother Y, the nonmember, is in a wheelchair - he was in an accident 13 years ago and was left paralyzed. He's so cool and has wanted to come to church for about a month now, but no one could figure out how to get him there. His family doesn't have a car and the bus doesn't run on Sundays. Finally the Ward Mission Leader, who is fantastic, made a ramp that would go up into the back of a truck. They pick him up out of his chair and put him in the truck, and then someone drives the wheelchair up into the back. Yesterday was the first time he was able to go to church using that method, and it was so great!!! He was so happy to be there, and his wife and son came as well. He also told Brother C that he wants to be baptized, and wants to do the work for his deceased ancestors as well in the temple. Sister Patera and I asked him yesterday if we could come over later and teach him and he said yes! But then Sister Patera was really hurting last night so I went with a girl in the ward. Brother C was there as well, and the three of us taught him the Plan of Salvation and invited him to be baptized on May 23rd -- and he said YES!!! He has to quit smoking, but he has a desire to and he only smokes like 3 cigarettes a day right now so it shouldn't be too difficult. He's so awesome.
Then this morning we sent a text out to a bunch of members telling them of that miracle that he was going to be baptized on the 23rd, and a member texted back and said "Sisters this is so fabulous!!! We need to pray for another date that will work also because we scheduled the building a few months ago for Friday and Saturday 22nd and 23rd for set up and our sons reception. We are covering all the walls with fabric so you wouldn't even be able to access the font. So, I will pray for both a new date and for him to quit smoking!! :) Yes miracles happen!!! Thanks for sharing my sweet sisters!" So we're not exactly sure how it's all going to work out, but I know it will!!

This is the last week of the transfer so on Saturday we'll find out transfer news, and on the 5th we'll have transfer meeting. I have NO IDEA what's going to happen. I spent half this transfer in Uncompahgre, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Maybe I'll stay in Paonia (but not Gunnison too - I know that much), maybe I'll officially serve in Uncompahgre, or maybe I'll serve somewhere else entirely. It's pretty exciting but a little nerve-wracking!

On Friday we had Zone Conference and I sang my solo and it went alright. They also had some great trainings about how to be a more consecrated missionary, something I'm always working on. It was great. At lunch we got awards - I got a Rice Krispy Treat for having a clean car, M&Ms for making my bed that morning, a Subway giftcard for having a clean apartment, and a Kit Kat because I had a birthday! How fancy, right?? I felt pretty special.

This next week I'll probably mostly be staying inside with Sister Patera again, but I'll also get to teach B a couple more times. We also are meeting a member from the Paonia Ward at his friend's house in Uncompahgre to start teaching him. That's a solid referral right there! I'm excited to see what happens with that. He lives in Peach Valley but don't worry! He's not in the super super sketchy part.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Koenig

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