Monday, April 20, 2015

"I cut up deer and humans." ~Creepy Doctor

This was the weirdest week of my mission!

On Monday Sister Pittman and I went with the Uncompahgre Sisters, Sister Patera and Thompson, to get pedicures and have a Girl's Day. It was really fun! The next day we had our Sister's Conference in Delta, and we combined all the Sisters in the Montrose Stake and in the Grand Junction Stake. The theme was about Christ and developing Christ-like attributes. Like I said last week, Sister Pittman and I had to do an interpretive dance on knowledge. IT WAS RIDICULOUS. Oh man I don't think I've ever done anything so weird my entire mission haha. But I guess it wasn't tooooo horrible....maybe :P All the other Sisters did something on a different Christ-like attribute, like one Sister rapped about virtue and one Sister told a story to demonstrate patience. We definitely got the short end of the stick with an interpretive dance.

After Sister's Conference Sister Pittman took Sister Thompson to Gunnison. Sister Patera hurt her back a month ago and it hasn't gotten any better. She has to rest it, but her companion (Sister Thompson) is brand new to the mission, and hanging out inside all day would be really bad for her. President was worried that she would get super homesick, so he asked Sister Pittman and I to go on an extended Exchange with them. So since Tuesday afternoon I have hung out with Sister Patera inside her apartment all day haha. It's been great.

She also had two physical therapy appointments this week, but the PT is INSANE. It was really uncomfortable. Sister Patera was very thankful that I was in the room with her because he was so nuts - and I'm glad I was there too because it was kind of funny.... :P

Here are some great quotes by him:
"Do you have a gym membership?" "No." "Hmm...well that would probably be good for the both of you." "Leg muscles are tough. I had no idea until I cut up deer and humans." (I THINK he was talking about cadavers....I hope?!?!)

Thankfully there is a member in Montrose who is a PT, so we cancelled her next appt with the first guy and she's seeing the member tomorrow. Hopefully he actually helps her!

So I'm still with Sister Patera and we're still chilling at home watching church movies basically back-to-back. It's thrilling. I've learned a lot about church history this week. Oh and I've also caught up in my journal (I was wayyyy behind) and I've almost finished the Book of Mormon, so that's good!

I'll be home 6 months from tomorrow and it's so crazy to me that it's coming up so fast! I'm 2/3 of the way done with my mission and I feel like I'm just starting.

On Friday we have Zone Conference and I'm singing a solo. I should probably practice. I'm singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I can't think of anything else that's happening this week, soo I guess I'll end here.

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Koenig

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