Monday, March 2, 2015

Short Upate

I'm sick!!! I have the flu. It's not fun.

I was also sick last Wednesday so we didn't do anything that day. On Thursday we had District Meeting all morning, and then we had to set up for the Game Night that we were hosting at the ward that night, so we didn't really teach anyone that day was an interesting week.

Last week our Zone Leaders came up with this idea to help us set goals for talking to people and stuff. They had 4 different things that we had to accomplish:
1) OYM (open your mouth - aka talk to) a runner
2) OYM someone on the street and invite them to be baptized
3) Pull over the car and get out to OYM someone
4) OYM someone at a stoplight.

Well, AWKWARD MOMENT when the area you're serving in doesn't have a single stoplight!!!! We cover 5 towns, and there isn't a stoplight in sight. Tragic! So we called the Zone Leaders and said " we have a problem....." and they just laughed and laughed and said that instead we could OYM someone in their car. It was great.

We've run into a teensy tiny problem here....Sister Nielsen has already talked to everyone. So we don't know what to do because it's so awkward tracting the same houses twice and having them say (over and over again) "You've already talked to us...." But we decided that we just have to get over ourselves and do it anyway. We've come up with a couple new approaches for tracting - the main one is to run from house to house and be so super duper excited and say "HI! WE HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE EVER AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND IT'S ALL CENTERED ON JESUS CHRIST AND HIS LOVE FOR YOU AND ME AND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then we basically just start teaching. It hasn't worked out too well yet, but we're hopeful!

On Saturday we were driving on the backroads of Crawford and we passed this farm and Sister Nielsen said "THAT COW IS IN LABOR!!!!" so we turned around and sure enough, there were feet sticking out of the momma cow's behind. It was intense.

Nothing else really exciting has happened...but we're just truckin along and taking it one day at a time here!!! Please pray for us haha.

Sister Koenig

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