Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm staying in Paonia!

I'm about to start my 9th transfer! Can you believe it?? I can't. I only have 5 more left.

I get my new companion tomorrow and we're going to kill it in Paonia! I'm pretty stoked about it.
My one year mark is in 17 days, and my 21st birthday is in 18 days!!! Pretty exciting stuff. This transfer is going to be quite an eventful one :)

The Church has put out another amazing video for Easter this year called Because He Lives. It's sooooo good and I love it! It launches on on March 27th I believe, and then it will takeover Youtube on Easter Sunday! All of you should watch it and share it with everyone :)
To go along with the celebration of Easter and Christ's sacrifice for us, the missionaries in my mission are doing a couple sacrifices. First, we're only drinking water for the months of April and May. Second, we're fasting every Saturday from after breakfast until dinner (so no lunch) and working straight through our lunch hour. We're sacrificing those things to build more unity in our mission and to help us reach our goal of having 100 baptisms in the month of May. We're inviting all the members to do it with us, and I'm officially inviting all of you as well! Each weekend we're going to text the members and tell them a miracle that we saw that week, and I promise I'll be better at sharing miracles with all of you as well :)

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Koenig

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks so you can get an idea about what life is like in Paonia!

 Sister Nielsen and me showing our excitement

Final picture before Sister Nielsen went home!

This is actually what it looks like here... beautiful, right?

At least all the farm animals like us :)

And you all know I love chickens!

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