Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Transfer, New Companion

Hello! This is going to be a quick email, but it's better than nothing!!! We had transfers on Thursday, New Year’s Day. They are typically on Tuesday, but the weather was so bad over the pass from Denver to out west that they didn't want to risk it, and they rescheduled. Sister Keavali and I moved out of the  house into an apartment on Wednesday morning, and it's not too bad! If you want my new address, message me or Alannah Mitchell here or on Facebook.

The whole beginning of the week we spent a lot of time visiting people so Sister Keavali could say goodbye. She has been in GJ7th for 9 months, so she was really attached and everyone was really attached to her!!! Then Thursday we went to transfer meeting, and my new companion is Sister Pearson. She is AWESOME. I love this girl. We served around each other for my first 3 transfers in Lakewood, and she was a Sister Training Leader (STL) there. We went on exchanges and just had a ton of fun. This is her last transfer, so she goes home in 5 weeks, which is insane to me!!! I can't imagine the day that I only have 5 weeks left haha. Crazy crazy. Speaking of which, this week I hit my 9-month mark!!!!! I can't believe it.

Here are a couple funny stories/quotes from the week:
In sacrament meeting this random kid that NO ONE KNOWS stood up and bore his testimony. He started by saying "I'd like to bear my testament" and then ended with "God bless, amen." It was adorable fantastic.

We went to our Ward Mission Leader's house for dinner last night and were talking to his 9-year-old daughter. She was out of town last week on Sunday, and then sick yesterday so she missed church two weeks in a row. She was expressing to us how much she misses church and how sad she is that she hasn't been able to go, and then she said "AND, I'm really worried because if I miss church next week I'll be counted as less-active!!!!!" hahaha toooooo stinkin cute. The fear in her eyes was so intense lol.

I really have to go now, but I love all of you! Thanks for all the support you give me! Have a great week and an awesome new year!!!!!!

Sister Koenig

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