Monday, December 22, 2014

Sorry I haven't written in so long!!!!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WAS AN AMAZING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother G got baptized. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It was incredible!!! There were like 100 people there and the room was packed, plus there were probably thousands of angels present as well because the Spirit was SO STRONG. Sister Keavali and I got to bear our testimonies right before he got baptized and it was just an incredible experience. Brother G's father-in-law baptized him and got him all the way under the first try! Woot woot! And Brother G smacked his head against the wall of the font on the way I think that was God giving him one last smack for being so stubborn all these years haha. He has been going to church for 14 years for goodness sake!!! Half the members said "Wait, he's not a member??" when we told them that he was getting baptized :P

So excited!

One of my favorite parts of the baptism though is just how much everyone talked about the temple, and how that is the ultimate goal. I just hope and pray that the G family will feel the Spirit working in their lives this next year to help them make it to the temple as a family, where they can be sealed together for time and all eternity. I am totally going to be here for that, no matter what it takes!!! And I know it will be even more amazing than his baptism.

Next Step: The Temple!

On Friday, we wanted to call Brother G and just let him know how excited and happy we were for the next day. So we decided to write a song for him. Here it is (This is to the tune of "O Christmas Tree"):

Oh Brother G, Oh Brother G, Tomorrow is your baptism!
Oh Brother G, Oh Brother G, We're so excited for your baptism!!!
It is tomorrow at 2, we will be there and so will you!
Oh Brother G, Oh Brother G, Heavenly Father's proud of you!!!!!

Haha isn't that great? We left him a voicemail. Goooood times.

Seriously the best day!

Also this week we have been able to teach about the Savior and His birth and life sooo much!!! Every time we teach members we teach about the Christmas story or watch "He is the Gift" or do a live nativity with them. And every time we talk to people on the street, we talk about the true meaning of Christmas and watch "He is the Gift" with them. It has been an incredible experience for me to truly remember and treasure the true purpose of not only this season, but of life, which is love, hope, peace, joy....all the things that the Savior made possible for us. I love Him so much and I am so eternally grateful for what He has done for us!!! This is the best Christmas I have ever had because I just feel so connected to the Savior and to all those around me. The people here are truly my family and my home away from home. I love all these people, and I love them even more when I get to share the gospel with them.

One thing that I said at the baptism during my testimony was that the true gift of Christmas is the Savior. And what better gift to give back to the Savior than yourself? That is exactly what Brother G did on Saturday - he made sacred covenants with his Heavenly Father that he would follow the Savior, keep His commandments, and always remember Him. Many of you have made those same covenants - so what are you doing this year to more fully follow the Savior and embrace the Gift??

Last night was the Stake Christmas Concert!!! It was phenomenal. A bunch of different people volunteered to perform with their different musical talents. They had a harp, and a trumpet and a violin and was cool. In between every musical number, the congregation sang hymns together. They had the missionaries all go up and sing The First Noel, which was fun. Also yesterday was the Christmas program for Sacrament meeting, and we didn't have a choir but we had a narrator and then the whole congregation sang together. So there was LOTS of Christmas singing yesterday. I loved it :)

Merry Christmas!!!

This week is Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it??? I can't. I feel like I was just celebrating Easter in the MTC!!!! When I first started my mission, it seemed like Christmas was an eternity away and now it's here haha. How did that even happen.

Transfers are also coming up on the 30th!!! Sister Keavali and I have been together for almost 4 months!!! That's crazy. She is for sure being transferred and I should be staying. BUT, we are moving!!! Although I don't know where. Hopefully we find out quickly....that's not stressful at all lol.

I hope you all have the most incredible Christmas EVER!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the support and love you give me, I truly appreciate every one of you!!!!

Sister Koenig

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