Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's Almost Christmas!!!

Things are good here. On Thursday we had to bring our car into the dealership because it had a bunch of issues and was ridiculous. It was there from 7:30am to 6pm!! We had to walk all day. It was pretty awful haha. I got blisters on my blisters. I understand now why God sent me state-side....I'm a big whiny baby.

We got to do some fun service this week on Saturday - we wrapped presents for the R family, and decorated the Relief Society president’s house for Christmas!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH. Everyone needs to watch Share The Gift and the First Presidency Christmas Devotional!

 Merry Christmas!

Last Monday after p-day was over, we went to a recent convert's house. She is getting married this week on Saturday. Anyway, we saw her on Monday and her future mother-in-law is deaf! And a member. She just moved into this ward. I was able to sign with her a bit - just conversational sign - and she was so excited. Man my sign language is awful though. I haven't signed since I was 17!!! Oy vey. It was fun though. And then she got all excited because since I sign, that would mean she could go to Relief Society. She didn't have an interpreter so she never went, but she was like "Oh you can interpret for me!" and I was like "haha no I can't!!!" buuuuuut she made me anyway..... She's this funny 76-year-old lady and she wouldn't take no for an answer.....So I had to interpret during Relief Society. I have never interpreted before and I think I did an awful job but I learned a lot from her!!! Anyway, I will be learning a lot for the next few weeks while I'm still in this area because I'm going to basically get a one-on-one tutoring session from her each Sunday!!

Today we went to Cafe Rio for lunch. There were these men in white shirts and slacks signing to this other guy. I was glancing at them and one guy with a white shirt looked at me and said "Can I help you guys with something?" (in a mostly nice way) and I said "Oh sorry, I was just zoning out." and then he was like "Wait, can you sign?" and I said "Yeah, kinda" so we started signing and talking and I found out he was a Jehovah’s Witness! Anyway, I talked to him for the next hour about their Bible and the differences between that and King James and it was kind of ridiculous. But interesting. He was the nicest Jehovah’s Witness I have ever met, and he even knew I was Mormon and a missionary and he was still super nice to me! Of course he invited me to learn more about JWs, and gave me his card, but I immediately did the same to him haha. Good times.

We have so much fun!

On Saturday night we were driving around trying names on the part-member family list. There was one name that we didn't recognize, so we decided to try them. We got to the house and realized that it was the house of an older inactive lady that we've seen before. We decided that we might as well try her anyway since we were there. She's single though and the name that was on the PMF list didn't live at that house. So we knock, and ring the door bell - twice. She didn't answer, but she usually is slow getting to the door, and I thought I heard a faint "come in" so I decided to open the door tentatively. We said "Sister D? It's the Sister Missionaries, are you home?" and she said "Yes, I'm over here!" We went in and she was sprawled out on the floor in her kitchen!!! She had fallen just before we got there!! I was TERRIFIED. She is like 86 and not healthy and oh man I was freaking out thinking that she had broken something. We helped her out and got her into bed and she swears that she is alright. She was able to stand up and walk though, and we had some members check on her the next day and she was fine, so I think she's ok... but it was scary. And definitely the Lord working in mysterious ways to get us there! The name that was on the PMF list is apparently her daughter's name, but her daughter hasn't lived there in years. Weird weird weird.

We had a photo shoot with some of the other sisters in our area :)


Sister Koenig

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