Monday, November 10, 2014

Another soul has come unto Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh got baptized on Saturday, and it was amazing!!!!!!!! The whole day was seriously wonderful.

His grandpa, Brother R, who wasn't active his whole life and knew basically nothing about the church but who is just coming back to the church, baptized him! It was actually a really amazing day for the family. Brother and Sister R got to go to the temple for the first time (the Monticello temple! It's beautiful!) and they did baptisms for the dead (if you don't know what that means, go here: And don't worry - we don't baptize dead bodies. That's weird).

The Monticello temple

Brother R was baptized in behalf of his father, his grandfather, and his wife's grandfather. Sister R was baptized in behalf of her grandmother and Brother R's grandmother. It was very cool :D Sadly, Sister Keavali and I couldn't go because the Monticello temple is out of our mission.

But then that night, Brother R got to baptize his grandson, so it was quite a few generations in that family that got baptized on Saturday!!!! And the Spirit was so strong. Josh's twin sisters and I sang a song at the baptism. They are SO ADORABLE haha. I love them with all my heart!

Brother R is REALLY tall and Josh is pretty short, so the baptismal font wasn't filled up very high. Unfortunately, what ended up happening was that Josh's left hand (which was holding on to Brother R's arm) didn't go under the water. You have to be completely immersed for the baptism to be valid, soooo Josh had to be baptized again. And again, the same thing happened....poor kid! So he was baptized a third time!

Josh's Baptism - their family and Sister Keavali and me!

On Sunday, Josh was confirmed as a member of the one true church on the face of this earth!!! How incredible is that?!?! He has opened the gate that leads to the path, and now he gets to walk on it toward eternal life :) It's so cool. AH I just love the gospel, and I am so grateful for the Priesthood.

Love this kid!

OH, and on Sunday, Brother R passed the sacrament for the first time! He just got the Aaronic Priesthood a few weeks ago and he is passing the sacrament and he's already baptized somebody! I think that's pretty dang neat.

I just want to bear my testimony that the gospel is SO TRUE! I know that with all my heart. Temples really are the house of the Lord, and the Spirit can be felt so strongly there. When the R’s came back from the temple, they were soooo giddy and just truly happy. Brother R couldn't even stand still - he was bouncing around with joy. It was adorable. He said he was "Blissed out" haha. I also know that families can be, and are meant to be, together forever! And that can only happen through the proper Priesthood authority in the house of the Lord. I love this gospel and most importantly I love love love my Savior who made it possible for us to return to live with Him and with our Father if we just have faith in Him, and repent, be baptized, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end!

I love you all! Have the best week of your life!

Sister Koenig

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