Monday, August 3, 2015

New transfer, new companion!

I have a new companion, Sister J from Andover, Minnesota!!! She's fabulous. She's been out for 7 weeks now and was trained by my trainer, Sister O! Small world. We've had so much fun together so far and I know we have amazing things in store for the rest of the transfer. :)  And according to what President keeps saying to her, I'll most likely be ending my mission here with her! He told her that she's going to take over the area when I'm done. I'm totally ok with this plan.

This week was really good. The first week of the transfer is always full of lots of meetings and kinda boring stuff, but we were still able to work hard and see miracles!

On Saturday we were able to do service at the Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn Festival!!!! We picked up trash for 4 hours and ate a ton of corn and I got a sunburn. It was fabulous. Olathe sure knows how to throw a party over corn! I had a great time. There were tons of members there and they kept trying to buy us things! I'm definitely going to miss that when I'm not a missionary anymore, not gonna lie.... People are just so nice and generous to missionaries!

We were able to see R again on Saturday and set up a lesson with him on Tuesday. We haven't seen him in weeks! I think that's a sufficient break, and now he needs to pull his act together and get baptized! Yes yes yes.

On Friday night Sister J and I hosted a ward game night. It was very last minute, they only announced it once on the Sunday before, and I was really worried that no one would come. Sister N and I did a game night in Paonia that was a huge success and all the members loved it, but there was a lot more preparation that went into that one! So yeah I was a bit nervous that no one would show up. But the ward proved me wrong! It was great. A lot of people came and they brought lots of good food and a bunch of games. I had a blast and I think everyone else did too! The young men had their own table where they played Doggy doo....that was an interesting game haha. Look it up.

B also came to the game night and he had a ton of fun! He also got to know the members better and they were all so nice to him. He is amazing. We've talked to him every day since the first day we met him and he's so solid. Please keep him in your prayers!!! He stayed after the game night to help the ward do the building cleanup. He vacuumed for over an hour! He's basically a member already.

This week we have a few more meetings which will be oh so fun... Then next week I get to go on Exchanges with Sister D (who is from Seattle area and knows my family!!!!) in the GRAND JUNCTION 7TH WARD!!!! Guys, I served there for 6 months!!! That's my favorite area ever!!! I am so so so excited.

I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!
Sister Koenig

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