Monday, August 10, 2015

16 MONTHS!!!

Yesterday I hit my 16 month mark of being a missionary. I feel like I should have 16 months LEFT!!! But I only have two more :'(  I don't know where the time has gone. I remember how I felt exactly 16 months ago when I was in the MTC celebrating my 20th birthday. A LOT has changed since then! I've seen a lot of things - miracles, trailer parks, farm animals... I've experienced a lot of things - eating llama, getting heat stroke from knocking doors in the middle of summer, getting chased by dogs... And I've learned a LOT of things - how to cook, how to milk a goat, how to change a tire.... Haha most importantly though, I've learned that God is in all the little details, and He is hastening the work of the salvation of souls here on this earth. It's been incredible to be a part of that work, and to see immense changes in myself in the process.

This week was quite thrilling. I was sick with the stomach flu most of the time. I didn't enjoy that part very much. We had some meetings, taught some people, all that good stuff. But mostly I laid around the house and threw up.

B is doing really well. We are seeing him again tonight. He's working on quitting drinking and he'll be getting a blessing tonight to help him with that and with some other health problems he's been having. He came to church on Sunday and stayed all three hours! We didn't even stay that long...I went home to rest more. I slept a lot. The stomach flu seriously destroyed me this week.

Sunday afternoon we went out tracting on Last Chance Rd because it was our "last chance to hit standards!" (thanks for that one Sister J). We knocked on this one door and no one answered, but then suddenly this lady in a golf cart furiously drove up and started yelling at us! She said "CAN YOU NOT READ?!?!" and we were like "Uhh what?" and she stormed over to this no trespassing sign at the beginning of the driveway and pointed to it and started yelling and cussing. She was like "I'VE TOLD YOU PEOPLE NEVER TO COME HERE" and "THIS MAN IS DEAD. LET HIM REST IN PEACE." (Now imagine those sentences with lots of swear words thrown in...) We apologized and said we didn't know. She was not happy. Then she said "AND DON'T GO TO THAT HOUSE OVER THERE EITHER, WHERE THERE ARE SIGNS. OR TO THAT HOUSE. IN FACT, JUST NEVER COME BACK TO THIS AREA AT ALL!!!!!" We apologized again, wished her a happy day, walked away and went to the house of A and A, the investigator and less-active sisters we are teaching. They live right across the street from the dead guy's house. A was home and we got to teach her and her husband and her little sister. Halfway through the lesson A's dad comes in and said "The sheriff is out there and he says you have to move your car because you can't park on county roads." Yeah. The lady CALLED THE COPS ON US!!!!!!!! It was hilarious. We wrapped up our lesson and on our way out A's dad was like "That's so cool though! You got rejected for preaching Jesus! You're just like the apostles!! Man that lady is crazy...she probably killed my neighbor." We about died laughing. Some people just need a hug. And a nice dose of some lightning bolt rebuking.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!
Sister Koenig

Here are some pictures:

How we felt when the cops were called on us...

My tired comp.

This is what Weekly Planning feels like.

My baby and me!

This is essentially what the Uncompahgre area looks corn fields.

More pictures of Sister J and me :)

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