Monday, May 11, 2015

I got transferred

So I'm officially serving in Uncompahgre Ward. Woot woot! What a big change.

Sister Patera got her cortisone shot on Tuesday, but it didn't work...or at least it hasn't worked yet. It actually made the pain way way worse for a couple days afterward, but thankfully the added pain is mostly gone now and she's back to the same amount of pain she was in before. The Doctor said her reaction was "atypical." That's not really something you want to hear...

On Friday we went on Exchanges with the Spanish Sisters again, but only from 4pm on Friday until 10am on Saturday. This time all the lessons were completely in Spanish, sooo I basically just sat there and smiled and nodded my head every once in a while. I think we're going to be going on a lot of Exchanges with them this transfer, so I guess I should start learning Spanish.

On Saturday morning we had our Zone Meeting which was pretty good. There are only 4 Sisters in the whole Zone now, and 16 Elders. There was a lot of testosterone in that room, and it smelled kind of weird. The trainings were good though.

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and Sister Patera and I got flowers and chocolates at church because we're women. Score. I also got to Skype home! That was super fun, although it's never enough time. That was my last time skyping though, which is super weird! In just a few months I'll be HOME.

Yesterday in Relief Society the lesson was on the Book of Mormon. Our opening song was from the children's hymnbook, Book of Mormon Stories. Quite a few of the old ladies were doing the hand motions - including the Native American feather gesture. It was really weird. Sister Patera turned to me and said "I'm really grateful that we don't have an investigator here right now...." I about died.

A less-active man asked us this week if Adam and Eve had belly buttons.

A man just walked up to Sister Patera and me in the library and handed us some papers and said "You need this." It's titled "Die Boek van Mormon" and we thought it was anti-Mormon material, but upon further inspection it's actually proof that the Book of Mormon's translation is legitimate and that the Book of Mormon is true. Before we could even really look at the guy or say anything he was gone. I am so confused.

Tomorrow we have interviews with President Murdock, which is exciting. I don't really know what to say to him about the work. I suppose I could teach him about Church History based off all the Living Scripture prophet movies we've watched. I think we've seen every single one at this point except Thomas S. Monsons haha. Impressive, eh? I can tell you all sorts of fun facts about the prophets now.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Remember who you are and what you stand for!


Sister Koenig

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