Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Ohhhhh my goodness everyone what is life.

Umm so last night (Monday) at about 7:30, my Mission President called us. Sister Duprey and I were tracting and we were set on finding 3 new investigators by the end of the day. We had already taught one family and had another planned and we had taught a random guy on the street who really wanted the Spanish missionaries to come teach him more, so we just thought it would be an AWESOME Monday night. Right? Well.....yeah we didn't find 3 new investigators. Because President told me to pack my stuff and be at the mission home this morning (Tuesday) at 7 am so I could GO TO GRAND JUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I moved half-way across the state! I'm in Grand Junction now!

So I was up alllllll night last night packing and going crazy and being sad and saying bye to people and it was just awful. And then this morning we got up before 5 (ew) and got ready and drove to the mission office, and then took like a 5 hour drive to Grand Junction. Fun day! And Sister Murdock only eats Subway so we went there for breakfast and lunch haha. I love her.

I got here at about 2 and we went straight to a lesson with an investigator! Craziness. My new companion is Sister Keavali, she is from Fiji, and I JUST LOVE HER!!!! She's fantastic. She was actually companions with my last companion! Pretty crazy. And she was companions with Sister Lara, from the Shoreline Stake, who I saw today!!! I love that woman. She is amazing. And she is serving right next to us, soooo I think I will see her a lot! YAY :D I also got to see another Sister who I served really close to in Lakewood - she was in a neighboring branch, and Sister O and I spent a lot of time with her my first transfer :)

I'm excited to be here but it is definitely a shock! You're probably wondering why this happened and to put it simply a Sister was having some problems (not me, don't worry!) and things needed to be switched around, so after all the shuffling now I'm here. I miss Sister Duprey soooo much already, and the Lakewood area, and everyone over there!!!! My heart is broken. But this is mission life I guess, right? I am so excited to be in Grand Junction though. It is a fantastic area and I can tell already that the ward is awesome! My first lesson here there was a member present, which is fantastic!

I hope all of you are well, and I love you all a ton, and AH! My life is crazy haha. I love being a missionary.

Sister Koenig

P.S. - As usual, if you want my mailing address please message me or Alannah directly and she will get it to you.  If you send mail to the mission home it's supposed to get here, but apparently things often don't and you just get them returned to you... if you're lucky!

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