Monday, July 14, 2014

TRANSFER WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I start my 3rd transfer! I'm officially trained and ready to go, and I'm getting a new companion! But thankfully staying in Lakewood J I love it here. Sadly I will have to say goodbye to my Aussie trainer L but I know there are exciting things ahead!

My last week with Sister O! 

We didn't do a ton this week because of sickness and craziness and it was just a weird week. But we got to have a few really awesome lessons!

We teach this lady named S - I've talked about her before. She was meant to be baptized a month ago but it didn't happen because she's struggling with the word of wisdom. Her daughter is actually a less-active member, and her husband and their daughter as well. She wanted us to teach her 11 year old daughter A. She's homeschooled, and VERY smart, and her mom wants her to have a sort of "Bible Studies" class - so that's what we're doing! We basically are just teaching her the normal lessons that we teach to investigators because she doesn't really know anything about the church, and then when she turns 12 this month we are going to start doing Personal Progress with her! I am so excited - I love Personal Progress J  

She is soooo shy though, and I don't think she particularly WANTS another class haha. She already has a crazy, grueling schedule. She doesn't really say anything when we teach her, and if we ask her a question she just shrugs. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week and it went really well, but she didn't say anything. Her mom sits in, though, and she was involved, which is great!

Afterward, I asked her to show me all of her pets. She does 4-h shows, and has a few dozen rabbits and chickens and guinea pigs - basically my most favoritest things ever. She took me outside and showed me the rabbits and we really were able to get to know each other better! She finally opened up to me and said more words than she ever has before. I am really excited about our next lesson with her because I think mayyyybe she'll be more receptive. I really feel like I'm the one who needs to teach her and help her, so hopefully I am able to! I just love her so much and she's so cuuuuute and reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Poor thing haha.

We also had a miracle this week - My favorite part-member family that we see every Sunday night CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister O and I sang a duet in sacrament meeting (scariest thing ever - we did it a cappella, which was maybe not the smartest choice, but it went well) and we invited them and they said they'd come - and they did! When I saw them in the foyer I could not stop smiling. It was like Christmas x12352480205. Best thing ever. Oh man they're just the best. And we managed to have 3 investigators at church, the most I've ever had! Miracles miracles miracles. I love it.

Tomorrow is transfers, which means that we have to get up wayyyyyyyy early in the morning and drive to the mission office. Then all the missionaries on the metro side of the mission are together and they announce all of the companionships and where they are serving. If you're serving out West, over the mountains, you get up right then and leave because it takes hours to get there. If you're staying on the Metro side, you stay and the people going home from their missions bear their testimonies and President and Sister Murdock both speak and then you find your new companion and then leave! Exciting! My new companion is coming from the West though, so she won't get here until tomorrow night, and I have to find another companionship to tag along with for the day. That will be fun! I am soooo excited and ready for a new transfer - great things are going to happen :)

Love you all! Have an awesome week! Read your scriptures! ;)


Sister Koenig
Still a bit bruised up, but doing well!

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