Monday, July 21, 2014


We had a great week this past week, and the Lord has so much in store for us this transfer! We've already seen miracles, and I know we are going to have some huge ones in the next 5 weeks.

On Monday Sister O mostly said goodbye to people (she was getting transferred the next day) and then we spent the whole night packing up her stuff. The next morning we had to get up bright and early to get to the Transfer Meeting. I'm talking like 4:30 am. Rough! Everyone came to the mission office and we met in the chapel and the Assistants to the President announced where everyone was going. My new companion is Sister D! She's from North Carolina and she has been out for 1 year, but she was in her last area for 10 and a half months!!! I can't imagine being somewhere for that long... She did awesome things there. And she served with one of my MTC companions, and my friend from back home, so that's neat.

Sister O went off to a different stake, but still in the Metro Area. It's still weird to me that she's gone! You spend 24/7 with someone for 3 months, and then you don't see them again. But the work goes on. So strange.

Sister D was coming from out west, so she wasn't going to get to the mission office until 7:30 pm, and I got to tag along with another companionship for the day. It was so fun! We spent the day in their area and I got to teach some really great people. I get to go on exchanges in that same area this Friday, so hopefully I can see some of the same people again!

Finally Sister D came and I picked her up and took her to our place. She unpacked a bit and we planned, and then got ready for bed. And then.....our toilet broke. I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED but it wouldn't flush, and the water was at the top of the bowl. Then Sister D came walking in and was like "Oh I'll fix it" and fiddled with the chain inside the lid, which essentially just flushed it again, and all of a sudden water started POURING OUT ALL OVER THE FLOOR. It was so intense. Thankfully I had just washed all these towels, so I quickly grabbed them and threw them on the floor. Then I ran into our laundry room to find more, and I saw a hose in the laundry room that had water gushing out of it!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! This was all happening at like 10:45 pm and we didn't know what to do! We got the house owner to come and he turned off the water to the hose, thankfully. Apparently it was connected to the water softener machine thing, which was low on salt and decided to drain itself. Uhhhh.....sketch. And he fixed our toilet temporarily, and got us a new one a couple days later. Now our old toilet is sitting on the front lawn with a free sign next to it hahaha. Awesome, right? Yeah I think Sister D had a great first night....

We managed to teach quite a few lessons this week, and we worked hard for each one. Oh and we had a couple people get really mad at us this week, more mad than I've ever seen anyone on my mission. One investigator in particular went off on Sister D, and I'm not sure why??? I didn't know what to do! But Sis D handled it quite well. I don't think we'll go back to teach that investigator again.....awkward.

We went tracting on Friday and this guy answered the door and say "WHOA, you're the Mormons! I was just talking about the Mormons! This is creepy!" Apparently he was actually baptized into the church when he was a kid, but never really went. His records weren't in our ward or anything, but we were able to talk to him, and he is interested in learning more! We came back the next day and gave him a Book of Mormon, and he was so grateful. He also said he wanted to come to basketball, and wanted to do family history and all this other stuff. It was awesome!

We actually placed 4 Books of Mormon this week...we're getting dang good at it. We tried a former investigator who Sister O and I had an awesome lesson with a couple months back, but then she dropped us. Well, she let us in again, and we taught her more and it went really well! We're seeing her again on Wednesday and I'm hopeful :) She is soooo sweet, and she has the cutest little girl.

We also contacted a few part-member families and a few less-actives that I've never met before, and they all said we could come back! This one family in particular seems awesome. The mom is a convert but hasn't been active for a few years, and she has 7 kids! She was SO nice, and the kids are adorable.

And we got to see our investigator S this week! I love that woman, she's a little spitfire. I love it. Afterward we went to the Relief Society Mid-week Meeting with her and at the end everyone made us take their leftovers. That was fun. :P

Last night President Murdock called us and asked if we could do a special project for him....we freaked out a little bit. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as we thought. He wanted us to come to this training meeting that they were having for the Ward Mission Leaders and Ward Missionaries, and he wanted us to bring our Progress Record. We rewrote it to make it nice and neat haha. We ended up being on this panel and did a role play with other members of a good Ward Coordination Meeting. It was fun! I was really nervous beforehand but once I got up there I was fine. And it was nice to see President Murdock, he's the best.

Overall the work is great! I never thought I would love walking around in 100 degree weather knocking on strangers' doors, but I do! There is nothing else that I could be doing with my life that would make me happier right now.


Sister Koenig

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