Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meet The Mormons!!!

This past week all of the missionaries in my mission got to watch Meet the Mormons! It was fantastic!!! We watched it at various Stake Centers throughout the mission. Somehow my Mission President had a copy of it....he has all sorts of connections, I swear. But YOU ALL NEED TO WATCH IT!!!!!!!!

If you go to meetthemormons.com, you can find out if it is playing near you. If it's not, you can request for it to come to your area, and then if 800 people request it in your area, it will come! And then you can watch it in the theaters with a friend!!! It's totally and completely worth it. Scout's honor. (It’s playing through Thursday at Alderwood 7, and in Redmond and Seattle.)

I hope you're all doing well. Things are great here in the field. We are working with some awesome families and we're going to baptize some fantastic children of God within the next month!!! I am so excited.

Me being excited!

We had a pretty awesome miracle last Monday night - we went to a family's house (they're an older couple, they were both born into the church but never really went, and they knew basically nothing about Mormons. But the Sisters knocked on their door 6 months ago and have been teaching them ever since and they're becoming reactivated now and they're awesome and I feel like I'm supposed to be here for their family. I love them so much!) to do an FHE. They've never done one before and they didn't even know like what it was, but they heard at conference that they're supposed to do the 4 things - family prayer, family scripture, temple, and family home evening. They're working toward going to the temple, and they wanted to do FHE, so we told them we would come and do one with them!!!! We also told them to invite their grandkids. Every Saturday night their twin granddaughters (they're 7 and adorable) spend the night so that they can come to church with them on Sunday. The twin's mom isn't a member (that’s their daughter), but she seems supportive enough, and really nice! Anyway, we told them to invite the grandkids and they were like ok! So Monday night we went over there, and the twins were there and also the twin's older brother who is 13!!! He was so nice, and they were all excited about FHE. We sang songs (well, more like stumbled through songs, since they don't know any church songs haha) and prayed and then Brother R (the grandpa) taught the lesson. He was so nervous because he has never done anything like that before. But he pulled out his gospel principles book and says "Ok, today we're going to talk about baptism." IT WAS SO AWESOME. By the end of the lesson, all 3 kids wanted to be baptized sooo badly and we put the 13 year old on date for November 1!! And we invited him to church. And guess what - HE CAME!!!! And so did his mom and his sisters!!! It was literally the best news. My heart was filled with joy.  We actually had 5 investigators to church, and our zone combined had 10 at church....so we contributed half of that. WOOT WOOT.

We had exchanges last week!

I hope you're all reading the Book of Mormon and learning from it each day and loving it. It truly is the best book.

I love you all soooooo much!!!!!!
Sister Koenig

Happy Fijian Independence Day - October 10th!

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